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The Influencer’s Feet with Angel Youngs

Angel Youngs is a hot social media influencer with millions of followers. She has a photo shoot set up with a famous photographer Jay Romero. She shows up wearing some hot pink high heels and tight skinny jeans. After a little catch up between the two Jay insists to let’s jump right in and create some awesome pictures. She starts posing on this cool blue sofa and the images are turning out just awesome. They both have fun with the shoot when Jay asks her if she would mind if he takes some pictures of her feet because they look very pretty in those heels. She said for sure she’d love that because many of her fans are into her sexy toes, arches and soles. After a few minutes she takes her shoes off revealing her feet to him. He is mesmerized by them. She notices and is kind of flattered by it. He gently touches them which gives her goosebumps. Secretly she can’t wait to have Jay running his tongue in between her toes one by one. And when he does just that she is in seventh heaven. She let him worship every inch of her soft feet which makes her pussy super wet. Then Jay turns to her and starts feeding her feet into her own mouth. She enjoys so much to self suck her feet. When Jay takes his hard cock out she couldn’t help herself and just grabs it and takes it in her mouth giving him a sloppy blowjob before she wraps her toes around his throbbing dick for a sloppy footjob. Then she rides him with her soles up so he can see her toes crawl up creating some beautiful wrinkled soles. Then she turns around to ride him in a reverse cowgirl position while her feet are arched on his thighs. Then she bends over for some doggystyle pounding before he gets on top to lick and suck her high arches and pretty heels while his big penis is stretching out her tight vagina. Then she sat next to him to give him a handjob-footjob combo before she asked him to facefuck her while her feet were pulled up. She loves to be submissive to him and being used as a sexy footslut. After multiple orgasms he pulls his dick out and she jerks him off on the top of her feet. She just loves cum on feet. She thinks it’s super sexy. For sure she’ll be back for more pictures soon.

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